Should you visit Biella today, you'll still find Menabrea brewing their award-winning beer on the same site, made in the same way, by the same family, with the same ingredients, passion and care.

“Menabrea provides something different in a category dominated by commodity brands. A trip to Biella in 2019 was enough to make founding GHF without Menabrea, not a proposition even worth considering.”


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Birra Bionda 330ml

A bottle of drink

Ambrata 330ml


Italy’s oldest continuously producing brewery, dating back to 1846. Located in the northern town of Biella, the family have brewed their remarkable birra using their own special recipe for over 170 years. Menabrea champion the finest ingredients out there, with incredibly pure glacial water from The Alps, premium barley from the Champagne region and Noble Hallertau hops from Bavaria – gently aromatic with floral, fruity notes.

Menabrea offers a premium alternative to other successfully exported Italian lagers with a key focus on provenance and authenticity. A great off-the-high-street alternative.

Available through: Bibendum and Matthew Clark


Photo of Franco

Franco Thedy

Managing Director

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