In a world of sugary, eco-destructive and unadventurous drinks, Punchy thought it was time for something better.

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“We never actually planned to move into the soft drinks category…until we met Punchy. Wowed by their incredible flavours, and sustainable ethos, we have done a u-turn with Punchy becoming a founding GHF brand. ”


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x6 Holiday Romance 0% 250ml


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x6 Golden Hour 0% 250ml


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x6 First Dip 0% 250ml



Leading the ‘low and no’ charge by finally giving adults an option in the soft drinks category. Three exceptional flavours on a mission to bring quality, complexity, and authenticity to a category dominated by mass-market, unhealthy and sugary labels.

Peach, Ginger & Chai
Cucumber, Yuzu & Rosemary
Blood Orange, Bitters & Cardamom

Natural ingredients, low calorie, vegan, low sugar, plastic free, gluten free.

Available through: Bibendum, Matthew Clarke, Enotria, DDC, and Store Supply


Charlie Hobhouse

Charlie Hobhouse


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Paddy Cavanagh-Butler


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