The Pickle House

They wanted to create a pickle juice that was specifically made to enjoy with cocktails and smoothies; not just the leftover brine from a jar of pickles.

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“We are yet to find a better Bloody Mary in the market, even in the most premium establishments… and it’s pre-mixed!”


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Original Pickle Juice 500ml


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Spiced Tomato Mix 750ml


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Spiced Tomato Mix 200ml



A premium, young and exciting brand producing award-winning Spiced Tomato Mix and Pickle Juice. Founded by Florence Cherruault in 2014, The Pickle House is leading the new generation of mixes in the market. The Pickle House offers convenience, quality and reliability, as well as great added health benefits and a substantial cost benefit. Their signature Picklebacks (a shot of Whiskey followed by a shot of Pickle Juice), Virgin and Bloody Marys are top of the range.

GHF were introduced to The Pickle House in 2019 and have been in love with the brand ever since.

Available through: Speciality, Enotria & Co, Venus, Holdsworth, Wholegood, Cress Co, Diverse Fine Food, Drinks Warehouse, Chalié Richards, Biercraft, and Mr. Lemonade.


Florence Cherruault

Florence Cherruault


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