Our work fulfils growth ambitions by tapping into industry culture to help brands build long-term partnerships.


Founded in early 2020 by a team of five, each with strengths and experience across different areas of the industry, GHF represents a portfolio of brands across a variety of drinks categories. We take on brands early in their development and turbocharge their growth by providing each of them with experience and co-ordinated action across over-lapping areas:

On-Trade Sales | Off-Trade Sales | Trade Marketing

In an ever more consolidated industry, our aim is to champion independence; to move the consumer away from mass-market commodity brands; and to celebrate provenance and integrity.


Too often we see young, high-quality drinks brands achieve limited growth as a consequence of being under-resourced, over-worked and under-funded.

Bogged down by administrational and operational duties, brands are often not able to focus on the things that are needed to drive their brand forwards.

Using both our network and experience, we work in close partnership with our brands to address this. Moving away from the traditional agency model, we are a total extension of our brands’ teams, and we act as one.


Independently Led

Championing small businesses and getting them ready to take on the big powers.

Driven by Passion

A collective passion for the drinks industry in all its categories.

Quality Obsessed

Ensuring quality is always considered over size.

Sustainable Thinkers

Commitment and longevity behind every relationship.


Insight & Intelligence

We have the eyes and ears of the industry and we use this position to provide both insight and intelligence to our brands. This allows them to adapt, move, and grow as the market changes. Our experience and network across different categories of drinks allows us to spot trends and opportunities across the market. Together our brands are stronger as one. We group them together as a best-in-class collective, to each of their benefits.

Market Access

The drinks industry is becoming ever more consolidated, making it harder and harder for independent brands to compete with the powers that be. With their ruthless marketing budgets, razor-tight distribution contracts, and fiercely competitive pricing, small to medium size drinks brands get increasingly drowned out. And yet we live in an era where the craft revolution has boomed and the end consumer is more discriminating than ever in looking for quality, provenance and authenticity. We navigate the trade for our brands, giving them powerful market access through our best-in-class distribution networks across the UK.

Brand Building

We are here not just to sell products, but to build brands. We work closely with each of our brand partners to establish bespoke and ambitious marketing and communications strategies, so that fans and customers can join our brands’ journey with us. Too often we hear of boring and frustrating marketing and PR agencies charging huge retainer fees for doing very little. We’re here to change that.

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