Incredible (non-alcoholic) drinks inspired by the natural world. Everleaf is complex, captivating, and nature’s answer to a non-alcoholic aperitif.

“As one of the fastest growing non-alcoholic brands, Everleaf have a true strength in both the quality of their product and the working practices inspired by the natural world.”

The Range

Everleaf Forest non-alcoholic aperitif


Everleaf Mountain non-alcoholic aperitif


Everleaf Marine non-alcoholic aperitif



Launched in 2019, Everleaf makes the world’s most complex non-alcoholic aperitifs with depth, aroma, flavour, body & complexity which rival some of the greatest alcoholic brands on the market.

As a bartender, Everleaf’s founder Paul was surrounded by some of the best spirits in the world. He knew what made them great and why.  But if someone asked for a non-alcoholic recommendation, the answer wasn’t as easy.  How could he create a non-alcoholic aperitif with all the depth and complexity of the finest drinks behind his bar? A conservation biologist, Paul spent years observing the natural world, learning how best to interact with it. It took over a year of experimentation to develop Everleaf.

Now one of the bestselling non-alcoholic brands in the UK, the Everleaf range includes three products anchored to different parts of the natural world: Forest, Mountain and Marine. These act as both inspiration for flavour profiles and sources for key botanicals.


Paul Mathew, Everleaf

Paul Mathew


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