Double Dutch

Double Dutch produce bold, naturally flavoured soft drinks and mixers with luscious taste fusions and a focus on sustainability.

"One of the most exciting challengers in the mixer category. Double Dutch's passion for flavour gives the consumer a choice like never before."


Soda Water

Skinny Tonic

Rhubarb & Pineneedle

Pomegranate & Basil

Indian Tonic Water

Ginger Beer

Ginger Ale

Double Lemon

Cucumber Margarita Soda with Chilli

Cranberry & Ginger Tonic Water

Bloody Mary Soda

Cucumber & Watermelon


Born and raised in the Netherlands, the birthplace of gin, Raissa and Joyce de Haas realised that, whilst the world of alcoholic drinks had become more vibrant and diverse than ever, the world of tonics and mixers had scarcely changed.

Realising that a flavourful drink relies on the mixer as much as it does the alcohol, they created a range of versatile products with new and unpredictable flavour pairings, ensuring you never drink dull again.


Raissa and Joyce de Haas


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