Founded in 2010 by Stephen and Jeany Cronk, Mirabeau has grown to be a category leading Provence Rosé collecting some of the most prestigious wine industry awards along the way. Their wines are enjoyed all over the world and are representative of the passion and care present at every stage.

"We love Stephen and Jeany’s outrageous, inspiring story, their ambition and the sense of fun they bring to the Mirabeau wines. Alongside the deliciousness and quality they are a relevant and exciting proposition as a partner for the trade"


Mirabeau Azure

Mirabeau Etoile

Mirabeau Pure

Mirabeau Classic

Mirabeau Belle Annee

Mirabeau Dry Gin


In just 11 years, and now with its own Domaine, Mirabeau has successfully established themselves as one of the pre-eminent Provence Rosé brands with an award winning range of wines that compete at the highest level.

Quality control and excellence are maintained by working with some of the best vineyards in Provence – this is critical to the winemaking philosophy and Mirabeau have developed intimate relationships with some of the finest growers in the region.

Regenerative practices in their owned vineyards were introduced in 2019, and Mirabeau is now on the way to being organic; practices include topsoil regeneration, increasing soil microbial biodiversity, improving the water cycle, supporting carbon sequestration via cover crops, increasing resilience to climate change and strengthening the health, vitality and of the vines and ultimately expressing a genuinely unique sense of terroir. All of this will come to life with the launch of their Domaine Wine in 2021.


Stephen & Jeany Cronk


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