There are two things Sapling loves: great spirits and the natural world. When you choose Sapling you will enjoy both a delicious homegrown vodka and making the world a better place.

“Sapling are total pioneers of the sustainability movement and it’s that ethos that sets them apart from the rest of the market. They are a must serve in every single pub, bar, restaurant and shop in the country.”

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Sapling Climate Positive Gin



Set up in 2018 by Ed Faulkner and Ivo Devereux, Sapling is the first climate positive vodka on the market founded with a mission to put positivity and fun into a more serious sustainability movement. Made using 100% British non-GMO wheat and 4x distillation using charcoal filtered de-ionised water, Sapling is a premium and smooth vodka with a hint of natural sweetness. Unique not only in taste, they plant a tree for every bottle sold giving them eco-credentials so far unseen in the market.

One of the pillars of the GHF brand is Sustainable Thinking. We are not only committed to long-term, sustainable partnerships, but we also care passionately about our brands’ commitment to the environment.

Available through: Bibendum, Speciality Drinks, Venus, Amathus, LWC, Champers, Chalié Richards, Master of Malt and Vanquish.


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Ed Faulkner


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Ivo Devereux


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