Addition of Quarter 1/4 to GHF portfolio

Quarter - new addition to the GHF portfolio

Yesterday’s The Times announcement declared that ‘Dry July’ is a new trend – ‘how low alcohol drinking became cool.’

It feels particularly relevant for all of us here at GHF, who can excitingly announce the addition of Quarter 1/4 to the Glass Half Full portfolio.

All buzz & no blur, Quarter make quarter-strength sessionable spirits, that bridge the gap between non-alcoholic and full strength drinks. This is the future of drinking.

Their belief is that traditional spirits were created for a different time, proving with their liquids, that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Quarter is a manifestation of today’s needs; delivering Light cocktails with the perfect balance between flavour and functionality (low-abv & low-calorie). Their serves are perfect for brunch, all day-dining, mid-week drinking and Sunday Sessions.

Their gin and tequila are 12% ABV, distilled in the UK using traditional production methods to create modern experiences.