Delighted to introduce Two Drifters

We are delighted to introduce Two Drifters Distillery to our accounts. Based in Devon, Two Drifters are the world’s first carbon negative rum distillery, founded by Russ Wakeham and Gemma Wakeham in 2019. With B Corp status recently secured, Two Drifters are on a mission to make rum green. Everything from the distillation process to the packaging has a carbon-negative footprint and any CO2 that cannot be avoided is offset through the non-profit organisation ClimeWorks as a carbon tax, making sure they stay accountable for any carbon produced. There are four rums in the collection: Signature, Pure White, Lightly Spiced and the must-try Overproof Spiced Pineapple. Two Drifters possesses everything we look for in a drinks brand: quality, authenticity, individuality and character.